50 choices of Engine Oil, which one do I want?

Today I ran out of my preferred engine oil for a Diesel smart car. So I ordered oil from my parts supplier specifying that I need Synthetic 5W40 Diesel engine oil. When my oil arrived I noticed that the oil sent was Castrol Edge, an excellent oil. As I checked the specs on the back of the package I found … Read More

Save the rubber

Spring is just around the corner and there is a lot of fun stuff going on. No more parkas and you aren’t holding your breath running to the car in fear of instantly freezing your lungs. Times are good. So it’s easy to forget the need to take your winter tires off on time. After the temperatures are consistently over … Read More

Brakes of wrath!

Our brakes are THE most important system on your car. Why go if you can’t stop? With proper brake maintenance your brakes will function like new from new to recommended replacement specification. An annual brake service will remove rust build up and keep the parts moving freely as intended. The brakes are forced to squeeze but free movement is all … Read More

When in doubt, try a known good unit.

Seems like a funny statement I know but it’s an excellent practice. Sometimes in the automotive trade we have to rely on hunches and experience. In all of the factory training I have taken, this has been constant. From Ford to Mercedes and¬†everything in between this works. There are many cases where we have intermittent problems and the best approach … Read More

Fuel saving tip

Most cars on the road today have air conditioning. The average car’s air conditioner uses 5-10 horsepower. On most cars, when the heater is set to the defrost setting the air conditioner turns on automatically. Even if you didn’t turn on your AC manually. They do this to dehumidify the car and defog as well as defrost. So, when you … Read More