Spring is just around the corner and there is a lot of fun stuff going on. No more parkas and you aren’t holding your breath running to the car in fear of instantly freezing your lungs. Times are good. So it’s easy to forget the need to take your winter tires off on time. After the temperatures are consistently over 7 degrees Celsius its time to take the winters off. The winter tires are made from a much softer rubber compound for extremely low temperatures so they wear out very quickly in warmer temperatures. The difference is quite noticeable, push your thumb nail into the tread of your winters then your all seasons, you will see a difference.

One more thing to consider though. If your winter tires are currently less than 5/32’s of tread, you may want to just leave them on until they are worn out into the summer. Winter tires perform best with over 5/32’s. These winter tires under 5/32’s are still good for summer and some wet roads so get your money’s worth this way so you have the best traction in the winter when you need it. To measure your tires you need a “tread depth gauge” about $5.00 at Canadian tire. A pressure gauge is a nice one to have in the glove box too.